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Women in Sport Coaching Scholarship

The Women in Sport Coaching Scholarship (WCS) is a partnership between Womensport & Recreation Tasmania (WSRT) and Tasmanian Institute of Sport (TIS) aimed at providing quality coaching opportunities to women and increasing the number of female coaches in Tasmania.

The WCS will target individuals who might not otherwise be able to access high quality coach education and development opportunities through financial constraints or who are from rural communities.

The WCS provides not just financial but also mentoring support to the successful applicant by providing them with the opportunity to gain valuable national experience whilst expanding their knowledge and skills through hands-on coaching, education and development opportunities.

The WCS aims to:

  • develop individual coaching capability and leadership; and
  • increase coaching expertise of Tasmanian female coaches

This is an individual scholarship involving:

  • individual coach development plans;
  • mentoring where possible; and
  • regular program reviews

Program outcomes are:

  • commitment to coaching at a high level;
  • development through demonstrated progression along the coach pathway; and
  • personal development

Target Audience for Program:

  • Aspiring female coaches

Who is eligible?

The successful candidate must meet the following criteria to be considered for the scholarship:

  • Must be female and 18 years of age or over.
  • An Australian citizen or have been granted permanent resident status.
  • Interested in developing as a female coach.

The timing of the scholarship period is flexible and dependant on the individual, the program activities and the sport.

The scholarship may include weekend work, training camp attendance, competitions, professional development and observation of coaching.


The total amount of funding available for this program is $5,000.

It is the intention of the program to award a single scholarship of $5,000 to the successful candidate.

Applying for the scholarship

More information about the scholarship is available in the scholarship application form:

Applications close 4 April 2018

Return applications to:


Tasmanian Institute of Sport
Women in Sport Coaching Scholarship Program – Applications
PO Box 93



Enquiries: (03) 6165 6632