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The Penguin Club

Four women standing in front of the Penguin Club logo 

The Penguin Club was founded in Sydney in 1937 by women for women. It was one of the first organisations to give women the opportunity to develop communication skills, in an era when women were not active in public life. At group meetings the emphasis is on participation and practice. With administration kept to a minimum, there is more time for members to practise prepared and impromptu speeches, participate in workshops, gain experience running meetings and generally gain confidence in communicating.

The Penguin Club gives members the guidance and opportunities to develop the confidence and communication skills needed to hold office in business and community organisations, and to fulfill their personal goals. They offer a supportive network based on the values of friendship, integrity and respect.

Their members contribute to the community by presenting workshops, coaching young people in public speaking skills and volunteering to assist refugee women to develop their English speaking skills.

They are a national organisation with a collaborative structure. Local groups of up to 20 women meet throughout metropolitan and country areas.

Website: The Penguin Club

Contact:   Phone: 6261 4307