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Glynis Flower

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Glynis Flower

Awarded for service to community

Born: 16 December 1952 - Broadbridge Heath, Horsham, United Kingdom

Entered on roll: 2019

“A tireless advocate for women in Tasmania, particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged women”

Glynis Flower was born in the United Kingdom and came to Tasmania in 1990, bringing with her extensive experience in community arts and the youth sector.

Glynis managed the Tasmanian Arts Council and worked with other community organisations supporting regional development. In 2000, she was appointed the first Executive Officer of the Tasmanian Association of Community Houses, which had previously been run by a volunteer board for 15 years. Building and strengthening the network of community houses is regarded as her amazing legacy.

Today, neighbourhood houses continue to play a particularly strong role in supporting women in low-income communities, many of whom are single parents with low levels of employment and educational attainment. Glynis recognised the key role of women in achieving change in these communities.

Glynis was appointed Executive Officer of Women’s Health Tasmania (formerly Hobart Women’s Health Centre) in 2009. She was very grounded in the reality of women’s lives, particularly those living in rural and low-income communities, and those who are disadvantaged because of lack of access to services, mental health issues, disability or other vulnerabilities.

Glynis was active in promoting women’s access to reproductive choices, reducing violence against women, and upholding the rights of all women. She worked both strategically – lobbying politicians and governments, and operationally – developing services for those who are most vulnerable.

Women’s Health Tasmania thrived under Glynis’ leadership. She moved the organisation forward from its roots as a small, local collective to become a major player in the Tasmanian community sector.

Glynis is a highly skilled negotiator, equally at home in Parliament among government ministers and bureaucrats as she is around the kitchen table in a neighbourhood house. She has always managed to rise above differing viewpoints and needs, building effective relationships in a competitive environment, and to make a strong stand without causing offence.

Glynis worked above and beyond her work roles, putting in many hours of unpaid overtime and serving on boards and committees relating to social justice issues.

Glynis retired from Women’s Health Tasmania in 2018.

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