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National Council of Women

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Awarded for service to community

Established: 1899

Entered on roll: 2019

“Uniting and supporting Tasmanian women”

The National Council of Women of Tasmania (NCWT) has served Tasmania and the wider community for 120 years by uniting a wide range of community groups to work together to advance the welfare of women, their families and the broader community.

Established in 1899 as a Council within the International Council of Women and the National Council of Women of Australia (NCWA), it operates as an apolitical umbrella organisation. NCWT works to identify emerging issues and provide a combined voice for, and vital support to, its affiliated organisations. Delegates provide a dual service, both to their affiliated group and to demanding roles in NCWT at the local, national and international levels.

Guided by its principle of “unity of thought, sympathy and purpose” by the application of the Golden Rule to society (“do as you would be done by”), the NCWT serves the interests of all women, their families and the community by taking appropriate action on relevant issues and advocating with authorities for local, national and international reform.

NCWT has been supportive in establishing many of Tasmania’s iconic women’s services like the Ragged School, the Bush Nursing Service, the Child Health Clinics, the Country Women’s Association, the Working Women’s Centre and many others. NCWT has made submissions and representations on hundreds of issues, such as the establishment of Salamanca Market, saving the Female Factory, equal pay, human rights, family violence, anti-discrimination, drug and alcohol abuse, gaming, gun laws, privacy, health and the environment.

Through the inspiring leadership of Emily Dobson, the stewardship of 28 presidents and the committed participation of hundreds of women volunteers over a century of service, NCWT has provided a consistent voice for local women and is deeply woven into the fabric of Tasmania’s history.

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