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Step-by Step Guides to Gender Analysis and further information

Many Australian state governments have developed a tool or guide to assist practitioners and planners in the development of gender inclusive policy, programs or services. Here are some examples:

Australian Resources/Models

Queensland Government

Queensland's Office for Women developed and published a Gender Analysis Toolkit. It is a toolkit designed for policy, program and service delivery practitioners to use.

Gender Analysis Toolkit Resource 

South Australian Government

The South Australian Office for Women was successful in gaining an Australian Research Council (ARC) Grant to develop a gender analysis guide. They state that this guide will assist policy makers across government to understand the different needs of women and men in the community when developing policies, programs and services. 

A Public Sector Guide Towards Gender Equity: Inclusion Matters (PDF)

Western Australian Government

The Western Australia Office for Women have developed a guide which offers clear and accessible information for applying gender analysis to policy, program and service design. 

Gender Analysis Making Policies, Programs and Services Gender-Aware

International Resources/Models

Research into international models

The following reports were published by the South Australian Government in 2005.

Canadian Government Resources

The Status of Women in Canada has produced a number of papers and reports on gender-based analysis.

New Zealand Government Resources

The New Zealand Government's Ministry of Women's Affairs have produced a step-by-step guide and a discussion paper on gender analysis (PDF).