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Country Women's Association

The Country Women’s Association in Tasmania (Inc) is an iconic women’s group which continues to improve the lives of women and children. Their ethos is that through assisting others we receive benefits which flow onto every aspect of our lives.

The  Association is now over 80-years-old and is established as a well-known and influential member of the community, young and vibrant in thought, mature in outlook and welcoming in manner.

The CWA is supported locally by members, nationally by the Country Women’s Association of Australia, and internationally by the Associated Country Women of the World (the largest women’s organisation in the world, represented in over 70 countries).

Open to all women and girls CWA branches can be formed anywhere and need only have a membership of five.

Why not make a difference to your life, and to the lives of others, by joining the Country Women’s Association and look forward to building a bright future for women and children.

Website:        Country Women's Association


Phone:           03 6231 3706

Gift Shops

165 Elizabeth Street, Hobart

129 St John Street, Launceston