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Department of Premier and Cabinet

National Council of Women


The National Council of Women (NCWT) of Tasmania was founded in 1899, in response to an invitation from the Countess of Aberdeen (then President of the International Council of Women) for Tasmania to be represented at the International Council of Women Congress in London that year.

The NCWT is apolitical, non-sectarian, umbrella organisation for a large and diverse number of affiliated Tasmanian women's groups. NCWT works to provide a combined voice for all groups working for women and their families on the issues affecting their lives. Since its inception, NCWT has supported a wide range of social reform activities, including suffrage, health and education.

Its aims are to:

  •  provide a strong network and a means for affiliated groups to support each other;
  •  work together on matters of mutual interest or concern, as well as links with the wider community;
  • promote the best interests of women and their families and people in general and provide a two-way flow of information on issues related to the welfare of the family, the state and the Commonwealth; and
  • work in every way for the application of equity, social justice (the Golden Rule) and improvements in quality of life in a sustainable environment, for everyone.