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Inner Wheel Australia

International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s voluntary service organisations in the world.

Members enjoy working together to help charities, locally, nationally and internationally and are proud to have made a positive impact on the lives of millions of people.

Inner Wheel promotes true friendship and support. Members make firm and lasting friendships and make friends for life.

Inner Wheel Australia has eight clubs in Tasmania:

  1. Burnie
  2. Clarence
  3. Deloraine
  4. Hobart Sunset
  5. Kings Meadows
  6. Launceston
  7. Mersey
  8. Tamar Valley.

Each group has members who generally live in the surrounds areas.

Each club has their own goals and ideas.  Generally clubs have a dinner meeting once a month where they plan and focus on what they want to do. All clubs also unite  three times a year for a general meeting.

Clubs also interact with each other from time to time by the ways of social evenings, and day time togethers .


Debbie Reid, District Secretary for A80, can provide details for each club (meeting times, venues and contact person)


Visit the Inner Wheel website.